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We are Consec Technologies, an Australian start-up IT company in collaboration with few independent software engineers from Sri Lanka
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Chr247 is a service provided by Consec Technologies, an Australian start-up IT company and a few independent software engineers from Sri Lanka. Chr247 was initially developed as a stand-alone commercial software in order to be used in public and private hospitals in Sri Lanka. As the sales progressed over time, we decided to offer the service on the cloud so that we could provide our clients with updates regularly without the need to manually install them on the computers. With continuous research and development from the funds we obtained from sales in the first year, we were able to turn Chr247 into a globally accepted complete Health Informatics System running entirely on the cloud.

As a company that greatly values equal opportunity, the partners at Consec Technologies decided that Chr247 must be a service that can be equally used by those who cannot afford a Health Informatics System for their hospital or private practice. In May 2015, Chr247 was finally relaunched as a 100% free cloud Health Informatics System that any medical practitioner from anywhere in the world can sign-up and use it to make their medical services a lot more efficient. We believe Chr247 has the potential to revolutionise the medical sector in currently developing countries. We invite you to try Chr247 today and be part of the largest free Health Informatics System on the cloud!

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